Here are Top 3 Tips to Get Out of Debt Fast!

Getting out of debt is easier said than done. We all work hard to achieving financial freedom, but as temptation is all around us, it becomes next to impossible to clear our name off debt, and enjoy some time off from frustrating late charges and high interest rates.

Here are two powerful tips on how you can accelerate debt repayment so you can enjoy peace of mind and financial stability!

  • Use your personal savings to further reduce debts

It is recommended to set up your very own savings plan. But if you are still in huge debt, you may want to use your extra cash on paying down what you owe from creditors. If you have established a pretty solid emergency fund, your next step is to pay extra on outstanding credit card bills and personal loans. Allow yourself to save more cash once you have paid back creditors what you owe them altogether. If there is no urgent need to use your savings, put your money into good use by reducing your debts first.

  • Consider debt consolidation to clear off debts

Debt consolidation programs and balance transfers are strategies considered extremely effective to get you out of debt fast! Work with experts so you can process debt consolidation fast. A debt consolidation program will reassess your case, and give you more affordable repayment terms including cheaper premium rates. Before you agree on a debt consolidation plan make sure to read the fine print to understand terms and conditions.

  • Mortgage Refinancing

If you have a house under your name, you may possibly have enough to consolidate your debts into your mortgage. On the other hand, if you do not have enough equity in your house, the addition of mortgage costs may be expensive altogether. Before you refinance your mortgage, look at other options instead.

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Here’s Why It’s Good To Eat Cheese

Are you wondering whether it’s good to eat cheese? If so, my post is going to illustrate some of the key benefits that cheese can offer you, so you will soon realize why it is a great addition to virtually any diet.

To begin with, cheese is very good for your bones and teeth, and it has even been linked to the reduction of osteoporosis in people who are of an older age (even help prevent acquiring herpes simplex virus).

Primarily, this is due to the very high levels of calcium and protein found in cheese, as well as the B vitamin complex which helps to give better absorption of this calcium as well.

Interestingly, its high levels of calcium can also help your teeth – and the very act of eating cheese can help to reduce the levels of acidic erosion that occurs, especially if you drink a lot of tea, coffee, and wine.

Another key benefit of consuming cheese is something known as the French paradox – which shows that the average French person eats more cheese per capita than any other country, and they also have incredibly low rates of coronary heart disease. These two things are thought to be linked because cheese is actually very good for the heart.

Do you love car repair?

Has your vehicle decided to break down and you require a good mechanic? Have you been going to a certain car dealership service department for a long time but now you find that you need to search for a cheaper mechanic because you have lost your job and you need to save money wherever you can? You might feel loss because you not too sure how to search for a good mechanic and you’re worried that you will be stuck with a bad one. This is a situation that many people find themselves in.

It should be stated from the start that the majority of auto repair shops employ only certified and qualified mechanics. These auto repair shops realize that if they want to exist for a long time they need to hire qualified mechanics otherwise their customer base will soon disappear. Many of these auto repair shops display a sign that they belong to and associations such as the Better Business Bureau which will help you to appreciate that they are reputable and qualified.

Never take your vehicle to a backyard mechanic who is running an auto repair shop from his garage. You will only get yourself into a bad situation. Due to the fact that most modern vehicles require specific tools and testing devices it is important only use qualified auto repair shops. Your backyard mechanic will not be able to afford all of the equipment that is required to repair a newer vehicle. Besides, there have been recent surveys that have proven that an independent mechanic at a reputable auto repair shop is a better choice than taking your vehicle to a automobile dealership.

This obviously does not apply to vehicles that are still under warranty. If you own a vehicle that is under warranty, you should only use the dealership that originally sold you the vehicle. There was a time when dealerships demanded that you only use their auto repair department to repair your vehicle under warranty but recent federal law rulings have changed that requirements so that now you are allowed to choose which ever auto repair shop you desire. By choosing another auto repair shop you will not void or violate your warranty.

Choosing the right mechanic (just like doing car insurance comparison) is always a challenge but you can be successful with a little time and patience. As car owners we all appreciate having a reputable and honest mechanic at our disposal. Therefore, if you find a mechanic that you can trust you should always show your appreciation to him whenever possible.

Misdiagnosed – Asthma

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can be a life changing experience. It means that you will have to live with the condition for an extended period of time (in most cases, the rest of your life) and that you will have to take certain medications to manage and control the symptoms. (1)These drugs can often be harmful in the long run or have mild to severe side effects that could make living with a chronic medical condition even more difficult. Receiving a misdiagnosis makes the problem even more insufferable.

In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis which is an upper respiratory tract infection occurring on a regular basis, on average every 2 to  months. Treatment involved the use of antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs as well as pain and fever medication.

Unfortunately, this diagnosis was received by a physician who was not my regular GP (general practitioner) and I was not referred to a specialist ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist) to confirm the diagnosis. On a trip back home, my symptoms once again flared up and I went to my family doctor to get a prescription for the usual drugs to treat the chronic bronchitis.

He did a thorough exam and then told me that he didn’t think I had bronchitis but rather that I was suffering from asthma which was presenting with similar symptoms. So instead of giving me my usual medication, he prescribed steroids and an inhaler. Within minutes of using the medication, I felt as if I could breathe again for the first time in 3 years. I was not diagnosed with bronchitis ever again.

But the misdiagnosis did not stop there. I was told that my daughter suffered from allergies when she turned 4. Once again, a later diagnosis of asthma allowed for the correct treatment.